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Through the eyes of Bobby Kennedy
Occasionally, we experience revelation amidst the mundane, as I did in late June of 2001. I set off for Memphis to meet with a Chicago friend, Paul Waggoner. Together, we would go to Biloxi, where he could collect art work by my sister, Julie, for display in his Chicago gallery, The International Arts Club.
We left Memphis on Highway 61, heading south on what Paul dubbed his "Delta Safari", the hunt for art. We were on the out-skirts of Vicksburg, about four miles out of town when we saw the most unusual group of structures. Little did I know, I was about to meet two very special people.

More about Reverend Dennis and his Prayer for the Gulf Coast
Pulling off the road we surveyed the cluster of structures. This was a creation with religious significance. Approaching the main entrance of what looked like a store. I knocked on the door. The Rev. Dennis and his wife Margaret greeted us and invited us in
I can hardly say how events played out, but with in about 15 minutes, the Rev. Dennis had me sitting in his church –a converted school bus. He had a sinner. The Reverend H.D. Dennis was ready to preach. Though in his mid - 80’s and hard of hearing. When he climbs up into that bus and stands behind that pulpit he comes alive with a spiritual energy that only intensifies as his services go on.
Paul, who might have found just a little salvation that day, sneaked out of the service. He went instead, to talk business with the Reverend’s wife, Margaret, because the artwork that adorned the compound revealed the Reverend Dennis to be a self – taught, intuitive artist with compelling flair. Paul managed to secure some of the art works, Now on display at his Chicago gallery.
But I remained in the bus, captivated by the Reverend’s preaching. I have returned several times on my trips back home to Mississippi to listen to the sermons of Reverend Dennis. On my most recent trip I videotaped one of those sermons. I documented the Rev. Dennis’s temple of worship in hopes that other sinners will one day pile into that bus and let the Rev. H.D. Dennis drive us all past Saint Peter and through the Pearly Gates of Heaven.
As one sinner to another, should you be looking for salvation, I as a sinner highly recommend that you mail in a small donation to the Rev. Dennis. In my eyes he is a righteous man. I feel his ministry has touched me and will only do good for the souls that are seeking divine guidance or spiritual awakening.
I also asked the Rev. Dennis to write a prayer to protect the Gulf Coast from hurricanes, which is posted on this site. Should you mail in a small donation and a self-addressed envelope to the address listed, the Rev. Dennis will respond with a signed copy of the prayer, and gratefulness for your support of his ministry. His address is:
Rev. H.D.Dennis
4535 N. Washington
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39181
Works of Art by Rev. H.D. Dennis
Views of Ministry Compound
Works of Art by Rev. H.D. Dennis Views of Ministry Compound