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Marketing Plan /Contact

First and foremost, Biloxi’s Original Sin ™ is an art exhibit. An ongoing art exhibit of Mississippi Gulf Coast Artists. Should a creative Gulf Coast soul wish to have their work displayed on this site, I will accommodate all forms of art, music, poetry, and other modes of expression.

Biloxi’s Original Sin™ is also positioned as a marketing tool for the future of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The following letter to the Mayor of Biloxi and Biloxi Casinos lays out a basic marketing plan.

The target market for Biloxi’s Original Sin ™ are the people in the South who have always enjoyed everything that Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast have to offer. Should you wish to be notified of additions to the site, sign up on the Wrath of God Alert. Should you wish to contact Biloxi’s Original Sinner,

write me at:
Bobby Kennedy

In the future, New Orleans' Original Sin™ will follow, which you will find at After the Big Easy, Las Vegas' Original Sin™ will follow, which you will find at and Chicago's Original Sin™ which will be found at The following letter lays out a Fundraiser/Marketing Plan presented to the Mayor of Las Vegas.


Their sins belong to me.
Bobby Kennedy

Voodoo Salvation

Las Vegas Original Sin