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The artist of the painting Biloxi's Original Sin™ and the subject artist of the exhibit, Julia Ann Kennedy, had a vision on a December night while driving home from work on Biloxi's front beach. Could this have been a warning from the Almighty of our pending doom? The following is in her words:

In December 2004, I was driving home from work about 9:30 PM. Heading east towards the Biloxi Light House on Highway 90. When I saw a spellbinding light phenomenon in the sky. There was a full moon. There were also beams of light from the earth to the sky and they formed an X on a diagonal. With the full moon it appeared to be the head of Christ on the cross. I almost had three wrecks trying to figure out where the lights were coming from (Keesler Air Base for example). When I got home I immediately sketched it, even though I knew I would never forget it.

I told my mother, but not too many other people of what I had seen. It seems like I was the only one who had seen it. On Christmas Eve, I went to a family gathering of old friends and in conversation with my friend Mary Cordray, a Gulf Coast native, she said "Oh yes, I saw that too. I pulled over to the side of the road to stare at it. I also looked to see where the lights were coming from and decided also it was a strange natural phenomenon." She agreed, "It was Christ on the Cross."

The Vision

painting of the vision


another vision photo