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Voodoo Salvation:

As seen through the eyes of Julia Ann Kennedy.

In 1976 I created Rooster Man in New Orleans-A Painting. It wasn’t until many years later that I met Chicken Man A.K.A Fred Staten. He was the Voodoo High Priest whom I met him in the French Quarter. I bought a voodoo doll from him; A Voodoo Doll of Healing. It was strange because there was a Voodoo Exhibit at the City Park Museum at the same time. My brother Bobby and I went there with a mutual friend, Paul Wagner. That Voodoo Doll was washed out to sea in Katrina, but I feel Chicken Man would appreciate my sentiments. I lived in New Orleans for 15 years and I love that city, yet I feel it needs healing. As far as I know, Chicken Man’s ashes are in the Voodoo Museum and I’m certain he would want the city to be healed. God Bless New Orleans.