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More about Reverend Dennis
more about Reverend Dennis

A prayer composed by the Rev. Dennis and his wife Margaret asking God to protect the Gulf Coast from Hurricanes.

Our Father Almighty God, The Ever-lasting Father, with all power in Your hands we thank You for being a prayer hearing God. A merciful Father and a faithful Friend. Father, we thank You for making the way for us out on Calvary Cross. You suffered and gave Your life on a cross for wretched sinners, like me. Father we cannot ever pay You, but we can obey You. Father, You said it was a new covenant You were leaving with us. To love one another as You loved us. Father, I am so thankful You have me fixed where I do not see no white and I do not see no black. I just see God’s children. We are talking about the storm Katrina and what it did to life on the Gulf Coast. But this storm affected the whole United States.

Why? Because we are not keeping Jesus' covenant. Father, we know when we disobey our parents they would punish us. Because they love us and we know Your love is so much greater than theirs. So Father I thank You for reminding us just how much You love us and giving us another chance to truly love all our brothers and sisters. Father, You said in the Bible, if we don’t forgive one another You will not forgive us. You also said love fulfilled the law.

Please, Father, help your children to repent of all their wrongdoing, for You said if we repent, You would forgive us and would blot it out of Your book and not remember it no more. Father, we all need You. Please help us to be what You would have us to be. Father, please keep on loving us. Keep on having mercy on us, keep on forgiving us, keep on blessing us.

Father, please lead and guide us all the way to the place You said You were going away to prepare for us. Your servant, Amen.