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Malti (Myrtis Kathleen) Kennedy: Biloxi Artist

Myrtis Kathleen Kennedy was born in Biloxi July 10th, 1955. In 1983, she was named “Ma Vimal Malti” by the Indian-born mystic “OSHO”. This name represents purity (Vimal) and a fragrant flowering tree (Malti). She was told personally by her teacher to spread her light from within. This hasn’t always been easy for Malti. Many of her paintings seen in the “Nupie” collection represent a torn spirit searching for answers.

On June 3, 2003 Malti found a new source of inspiration when she overcame alcohol addiction. Since then only one Nupie has been painted. It is called “Window of Light.”

Malti currently resides in San Pedro, California. She and her business partner operate “Malti Artwork” which specializes in custom art for homeowners and businesses.

Malti Painting 1 Malti Painting 2 Malti Painting 3
Malti Painting 4 Malti Painting 5 Malti Painting 6
Malti Painting 7 Malti Painting 8 Malti Painting 9