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John J. Kennedy: Artist
After attending the two week long carnival known as Hurricane Katrina, which entailed being awash in six feet of salt water, treading through six inches of back bay muck, and bathing six times with a bottle of old club soda and a muddy washcloth, Biloxi’s Original Sinner Bobby Kennedy extended his hand and invited me to Chicago to regain some sense of normality. Seeing as how that estrogen starved godless bitch of a storm felt it necessary to dropkick me in the face by swallowing up my life’s work, (my art, that is) I have chosen to accept my uncle's offer and have relocated to the ‘ol windy city to begin my work anew. You will find that most of my work has religious overtones usually carefully outlined with my perceptions of truth, or perhaps you’ll see them as a brightly colored creative collage of wonderful heresies that are sure to send yours truly venturing deeply through the valleys of Higana. Either way, I’m confident you’ll be distracted just long enough for me to finish one more whilst you’re not looking. On a lighter note, if the good Lord does not see it fit to send the Crescent City the way of Atlantis this season, it’s likely I’ll be relocating once again to the bayou to immerse myself in sin. Thereby strengthening my artistic conviction and opening the minds of the willing to alternate critical perceptions and encouraging the ability to question. Hell has its heroes too, you know.
To contact John J. Kennedy he can be reached at 773-322-7191.

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